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Class Schedule for 200 YTT at Power of Now Oasis

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Power of Now Oasis ensures a diverse training schedule during their 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training that covers a little bit of everything. They implement a gratifying routine that can be carried out not only through the yoga training but throughout life.

Students are not required to bring their mats because the Shala has everything that's needed for class including blocks, straps, towels and cushions. The only things you need to arrive with is a journal, the curriculum, and yourself.

A variety of props are available to use at the Shala

Here's a taste of what the general schedule can look like during your training at Power of Now Oasis.

7:15 Students gather on the front lawn of the Shala to use the Neti to clear their sinuses for Pranayama breathing exercises. Pranayama feels like the best way to start the day to focus on the day's intentions and to breathe in the fresh air from the ocean.

Ceramic Neti pot for each student to use throughout training and to continue practice with at home

8:00 Each day after Pranayama, a new style of yoga is practiced including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. Getting the body moving checks exercise off the list bright and early.

9:30 Breaks are well positioned throughout the day with breakfast following the morning movement. Some students have fresh breakfast prepared at the Shala as it's included if staying at the Kolonial House. Others will head over to Genius Cafe for something fresh to give them energy. Leftover time is spent swimming in the ocean, swinging in hammocks or journaling.

Green Machine Fritters at Genius Cafe

10:15 Following breakfast everyone sprawls out on the floor to learn from the day's lessons. History of yoga, philosophy of yoga, alignment and anatomy are some of the biggest knowledge drops taught by the best. Giant bean bags are among many options for comfortable seats. People sit, lay down and stand as the instructor teaches.

1:15 is lunchtime. The majority of the day's hard work is done at this point. Most will have food delivered right to the Shala. Vegetarian options are in abundance and everyone feasts over the freshest food from the local restaurants.

2:15 It seems appropriate that Yoga Nidra follows lunch because at that point everyone is ready for a nap. By day two, students are already leading Yoga Nidra classes for their peers.

Yoga Nidra after lunch

3:00 After Yoga Nidra the second set of lessons are presented. PowerPoint and colorfully painted informational posters supplement the learning. Students are engaged and relate the class to their diverse experiences. Birds fly through the Shala to get to the other side, while Angelic the scared cow moos in the background.

4:30 the day is over and it's time to go for a swim, ride a bike and have dinner with new friends.

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