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Farmers' Markets in Humboldt County

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

A Saturday morning in Humboldt County is meant for exploring the Farmers' Markets. Humboldt is a remote location in northern California where cell phone service fades in and out. Surrounded by the redwoods the climate is cool allowing the area to cultivate a variety of fresh produce.

Arcata Plaza Farmers Market

A reusable bag is essential to bring to ensure all new purchases can be carried home. Local Eureka artist Fringe + Clay creates the perfect handmade macrame bags to stuff full during a visit. Passport Utopia earns for purchases when you save 10% on their website when using PROMO CODE: PASSPORT.

Handmade macrame bag by Fringe and Clay.

No need to enter the market with a plan. Inspiration for what to make in the kitchen will come quickly based on what is seasonal. Colorful produce, fresh bread and homemade ciders are in abundance. At Arcata Plaza Farmers Market, a sampling of some yellow watermelon later led to a watermelon, basil, feta salad that was paired with dinner.

Variety of watermelon available for sample at the market

Although it makes the most sense to have a farm-to-table dinner after shopping, it's easy to be lured by the market's local food vendors before having time to cook a meal. BBQ oysters, Indian burritos, and fresh croissants supplement the healthy food that was purchased for home.

With that being said, there is more than just food to be explored. Put on a flower crown, sit in the grass and be entertained with tightrope walkers, live music, and hola hoopers. It seems that the farmers's markets have everything needed to set up for a successful week ahead bringing together the community and promoting local fresh food. The weekend is meant for farmers' markets in Humboldt county.

Check out upcoming farmer's markets in Humboldt County promoted by the North Coast Grower's Association.

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