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The Perks of Power of Now Oasis 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Agni Hotra Ceremony

Power of Now Oasis added many perks to attending their Fall 200 hour YTT training. Specially planned events and surprises were thoughtfully placed throughout the experience.

Flower Bath at Beach Spa and Cafe

Free Yoga Classes - Students have the opportunity to participate in any yoga classes at the Shala for free two weeks before and two weeks after 200 YTT starts and finishes.

Spa Night - To celebrate the first week of training completed, yogis were invited to pick a 30 minute massage of their choosing at the Beach Spa and Cafe. Planned for sunset on a Friday night, fresh squeezed orange juice welcomed everyone upon arrival. A flower petal bath, sauna and ice bath kept those waiting their turn for a massage occupied. By the end of the night, everyone was relaxed and ready to take on the next week of training ahead.

Lunch with a Teachers - Students were invited to lunch at Genius Cafe to better get to know one of the teachers and one another.

Paddleboard Yoga - Paddleboard yoga was offered over the first weekend for students to participate in if they wished. Although the Indian ocean is pretty calm, it still challenged the balance that that has been practiced at the Shala.

Paddleboard yoga

SUP at Sunset - Power of Now Oasis coordinated the rental of paddleboards from Rip Curl School of Surf for students to paddle out to out to sea for the sunset after class one evening.

Agni Hotra Ceremony - A fire ceremony was scheduled in week three where students wrote down something they wanted to let go of to be thrown into the fire. Everyone wore white to the traditional ceremony where chanting and rituals took place. People felt lighter having released something that has been holding them back to make room for new positive energy.

Natural Healing - Students got to choose from an Ayurveda consultation at the Shala, acupuncture or a 60 minute Balinese massage at LEHA-LEHA Spa. This gave people the opportunity to try new ways of natural healing that they normally wouldn't have explored.

Gifts - Multiple small gifts were given to students to take home with them. These gifts will help support the yoga journey as students seek to continue the new routines that they have established at training.

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