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5 Tips for Traveling with Dogs

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

One of the hardest things about traveling can be deciding what to do with your pets. Do you leave them behind? Or take them with you?

Meet Maui and Kona. They are two fluffy sister pups from the same litter that have been confirmed as Chow, Pyrenees, Great Dane, Lab, and Asian Mountain Dog mix. They were rescued from the Brandywine SPCA as three-month-old puppies from South Carolina. I always want to take them with me and try to do my best to be in situations where they can come with.

Maui (left) and Kona (right) Long Island City, NY

Here are 5 tips for traveling with your pets

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Friends and family have been the primary reason Maui and Kona have been able to come along for the journey in most cases. It doesn't hurt to ask the people that you know if they can come along. In other situations there has been a need to find dog-friendly hotels.

Kona's favorite spot on road trip is the center console

Easy Bathroom Access

Where's that grass? Maui and Kona put their noses in the air to going in a concrete jungle. Making sure they have access to a grassy space is important to make sure they aren't crossing their legs. Making stops over on the side of the road, and accommodating their schedule is important to keep them comfortable.

Pack their Bags

Pack your water bowls, food, bed, blankets, and crates. The checklist adds up quick to make sure your pet is taken care of. Bringing things from home will help to keep them happy. A collapsible water bowl for on the go drinking, is one of our go-toos to help quench the pups thirst while we are out.

Up to Date Shots

Don't get turned away from an experience with your pet because they are not up to date on their shots. If your pet is going to be interacting with other pets or outside it is best to make sure they are up to date.

Kona and Maui in front of Independence Hall Philadelphia

Dog-Friendly Activities

Find things you can do with your dog. Take walks in the park find an outdoor event. Maui and Kona just got to roam Musikfest this past week. Fun things that Maui and Kona have done include hikes, picnics, dog parks, beer gardens, listening to live music, and staying overnight at friends houses.

Maui hanging out at her friend Pancho's house in Dublin, PA

If you work for a dog friendly airline, hotel or business and would like to have Maui and Kona come for a visit, reach out to connect with us. We would love take a trip. Contact to collaborate.

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