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Vacationing in Bermuda

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Bermuda is an island country located in the Atlantic Ocean that rewards its visitors with welcoming smiles, bright-colored fish, and breathtakingly clear water beaches. At about 22 miles long and 1 mile wide, the island is manageable to explore within a week's time. Peace and quiet are easy to find here, which makes it perfect for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Here's what to expect on your next trip to Bermuda.

Complete Hospitality - The Bermudan citizens are extremely welcoming and excited to share their country. On such a tiny island, it is important for people to embrace one another and their warmth is as strong as the sun. With Bermuda's crime rate being lower than the US, tourists will be tempted to leave their doors unlocked as it feels like you can just kick back, relax and not worry about a thing.

No Driving - Bermuda doesn’t allow tourists to rent cars to help lower congestion on the road. Narrow roads are sandwiched between limestone walls. Taking the bus, ferry, or using Hitch, the Uber of Bermuda, will be the best ways to get around.

Alley in Hamilton

Front Street in Hamilton - Shops and restaurants are scattered throughout the main city of Hamilton. Front Street offers dining on balconies that overlook the ocean and create a perfect atmosphere for watching the sunset.

Beach hopping - Exploring Bermuda's beaches are endless as you can hop in almost anywhere for a dip. Tourists are obligated to see the pink sand at Horseshoe Bay, and checking that off the list means that the more secluded beaches await.

Limestone Cliffs - Children are fearless as they cliff jump into the water from 20 feet above. Admiralty House Park in Pembroke hosts a cliff that has gone viral after someone launched themselves from the edge. Water shoes are useful to avoid getting scraped up on the rocks.

At the Swizzle drinking a Swizzle

Swizzle Inn - The Swizzle Inn is home of the country's national drink, the Swizzle. It is a thick and citrus-flavored cocktail with ingredients that include Gosling's Barbados and Black Seal Rum, as well as juices from pineapple, orange, lemon. The Swizzle can be ordered frozen or on the rocks. It's worth trying the Swizzle at a variety of restaurants as each place concocts their own version.

Kayaking - Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore Bermuda. Hugging the shoreline gives access to limestone coves that can't be explored by staying on land. With water crystal clear the fish and bright coral can be seen from below.

Snorkeling - Colorful fish are easy to spot, but having snorkel gear proves that there is still more to see. Parrot fish and Angel fish are in abundance and it won’t be rare to become surrounded by a school of fish.

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